Al Nibras Al Jadid Engineering

The specializing in the supply of all kinds engineering equipment \\ Official agent for the Tobikun

Benghazi ROOT

Sati Optical Center

For special measurement to contact lenses \\ detection an immediate optical by the computer

Benghazi ROOT

Al Entishar Graphics

To provide all the advertisement services
شركة الانتشار Ù

Benghazi ROOT

El Gosaq Tourism

For the booking airline tickets on all international lines and internal \\ organizing Hajj &

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System Experts

For systems and communications technology
شركة الخبراء Ù„Ù

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Center libya of education

For education
مركز ليبيا التعليمى

Benghazi ROOT

Al Nahla Sweet

For manufacture of sweets and ice cream

Benghazi ROOT

Al Fadeel Library

For publication and distribution
دار ومكتبة الÙضيل

Benghazi ROOT

جنة الفÙ

For fresh juices
جنة الÙواكه للعصائر اÙ

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Al Ataar Honey

For production of honey and beekeeping \\ provide pollen and royal jelly.

Benghazi ROOT
41 - 50 1010