Alnokhba Allibya IT Company

Web design, Development.
Web Hosting, Domain registration

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Amaar For architecture & r

For architecture & real estate

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Al Dasra Oil Services

For all the technical services and logistics sectors of all oil and marine
شركة ا

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United Libyan Company

To import cars and spare parts
الشركة الليبية ال

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Al Abtihal Construction

we are agent of company the Arabs mechanic
شركة الابتهال

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Al Tybat

To sell all the requirements of restaurants and desserts

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Allkuff Construction Products

For the health materials and building supplies

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Al Takamul Al Hadeth

For import of health materials and building items

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Al Nagm Al Moner Tours

For travel and tourism

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Al Turky Restaurant

Turkish restaurant (Bosphorus) features the restaurant to provide the finest types of turkish eating

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