Al Majd Metals

The work of the doors / windows / interfaces / kitchens / suspended ceilings / Aluminium matsGlass d

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Al Rashed Factory for Rugs &am

For the manufacture of carpets

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Tiba Dairy

For the dairy industry and their derivatives

Benghazi Manufacturing

Aljauda Company - شركة ا

We aim to provide Best prices & quality Al JAUDA is one of the largest distributors & Agen

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GERMA Chemicals

We are a leading and well-experienced Libyan Company specializing in the field of Chemical supplies

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Is a leading company in the field of Aluminum Production; especially it is the only company which im

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ARKNO Polymers

To engineer the optimum polymer for your process needs.

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AL SAFWA Water Company

For provide light and natural water the rarity of salts dissolved in it and Its ingredients conform

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