For Completing the registration procedures required for the foreign companies, in the Libyan Ministr

Tripoli ROOT

Saqer Company

For cleaning and environment protection the contributing

Benghazi ROOT

Araess Albahar Holding Company

For Provide products, services and solutions with high quality and achieve the aspirations of the sh

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WAHA expo

Fair and conferences organization locally and abroad,Design and interior Architecture for fairs,exhi

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NAFAD Office

For engineering consultancy

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For the implementation of projects in various areas of construction (infrastructure, implementation


International consultancy insu

To Carry out the research and upgrade the consultancy services and insurance aspects through out loc

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The Libyan internet society

To Contribute to the expanding use of the Internet in the community through the provision of guidanc

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Tasharukiat Intellectual Prope

For intellectual property & experienced in providing a wide range of services to our clients.

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Ansar legal

To providing legal representation and consultancy in all judicial level

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