Al Zahraoy Lab.

to Medical analysis and characterize accurately and quickly show the results using the latest hardwa

Benghazi Health & Medicine

Al Nagah Hospital

Units of blood and medicine and chestCatheter and the heart and vascular stents and networks

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Al Tammami Medical Equipments

The center sells equipment and medical equipment with the latest kinds and models and medical suppli

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Al Mnara Lab

The Laboratory has a license from the Health Secretariat Benghazi / the laboratory analysis for all

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Al Mooona Lab .

For the Medical analysis

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Al Rafedain For Medicine Medic

For medicines and medical equipment

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Al Razi Lab

To conduct of all medical analysis and measuring the rate of obesity and blood pressure measurement

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Libyan medical index (LMI)

To Index of all articles and research in various disciplines Libyan medical and health

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Shamela Healthcare Ltd

To Supports you with numerous new developments and proven products for medicine in anesthesiology an

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International crescent ICIC

For help with relief and humanitarian disaster.

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