Al Montaser Construction

For Constructions \\ oil services \\ supply \\ technical labor for foreign companies in the oil sect

Benghazi ROOT

Al Hayat Heavy Equipment

For the importation of heavy equipment \\ sales \\ maintenance

Tripoli ROOT

Al Nakhla Consultancy

For city planning engineering \\ Architecture \\ electrical engineering mechanical

Elzawiyah ROOT

Al Nibras Al Jadid Engineering

The specializing in the supply of all kinds engineering equipment \\ Official agent for the Tobikun

Benghazi ROOT

Al Takamul Al Hadeth

For import of health materials and building items

Benghazi ROOT

Allkuff Construction Products

For the health materials and building supplies

Benghazi ROOT

Al Majd Office

For design and engineering supervision in all fields

Tobruk ROOT

Al Hasham Construction

For constructions and including of trade, construction and maintenance


Amaar For architecture & r

For architecture & real estate

Benghazi ROOT

AL-BASEER Of Real Estate

For Real Estate

Benghazi ROOT
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