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Abr Al Atheer Mobile

Abr Al Atheer Mobaile Service, to sell all kinds of Mobiles,with Maintenance Section.

Benghazi ROOT

Al Wateqa Computers

For Appliance and the office equipment

Tripoli ROOT

Al Mohiet Computers

Installation and design of computer networks \\ provide all services related to computer and informa

Tripoli ROOT

Al Wasl Softwares

Manufacturing the computer software common

Tripoli ROOT

Adalil Communication

For communications and information technology

Tripoli ROOT

Al Mubasher IT

National company working in the field of electronic recharge , which is always looking to provide th

Tripoli ROOT

Al Zegbi Comm. Company

A partner of Siemens company for communications, a sales agent projects communications on the level

Tripoli ROOT

Al Manteg IT Services

For information Technology

Tripoli ROOT

Asarya Soft

For software and information technology

Tripoli ROOT

Al Mada Information Systems

Integrated software system\\ documentation systems and electronic archiving \\ systems engineering p

Zliten ROOT
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